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Affordable Photography Uses Images From The Following Sources

To prevent copyright infringement, we do not use any public domain images. We use images from the following sources, if any image that was emailed to us from a free subscription is a copyrighted image, we will immediately remove it from our website upon notification by email at, phone 478-922-8979 or by snail mail - PO Box 1531, Warner Robins, GA 31099. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR COPYRIGHTED IMAGES RECEIVED FROM A FREE SUBSCRIPTION/SITE.

Our Main Paid Source For Images

  1. We Have A Paid Subscription From Graphics Stock We Allow You Up To 10 Images At No Charge From This Source.

  2. Adobe Creative Cloud Membership Option "Adobe Stock"
  3. Paid Images From iStock Photo
  4. Paid Images From
  5. Special Selections From

Additional FREE Source For Images

  1. Free image source
  2. Free images from
  3. Free images from
  4. Free Images of The Week From iStock Photo
  5. Free Email Images From UnSplash Through Email Subscription
  6. Free Email Images From Through Email Subscription
  7. Free Images From
  8. Free Images From
  9. Free Images From
  10. Free Images
  11. Free Image
  12. Free Patterns
  13. Images From Layouts Provided At From 10 Year Association
  14. Free images from
  15. Images From
  16. Free Images
  26. I'm Creator
  27. New Old Stock
  29. Death To Stock Photos

All images shown on this site herein are Copyrighted © 2011-2018, Photo Gallery Websites.   All Rights Reserved.  Any unauthorized reproduction, duplication, distribution (including by way of email, facsimile or other electronic means), publication, modification, copying or transmission of individual or collective images, in whole or in part, by electronic or mechanical means, in any form or by any means, is prohibited without the express or prior written consent of the Studio. Be advised that any and all unauthorized duplication of any images or photographs produced by Photo Gallery Websites is illegal, and subject to prosecution and penalties to the full extent of domestic and international Copyright Laws. Note that a “watermark’ is embedded into each image for detection and prosecution purposes.  The images are available as “stock” and can be licensed for a negotiated fee. Please contact the studio for usage rights.

















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