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The best way for us to give you an accurate rate for your project is to consult with you to discuss your needs. However, we've completed enough projects to be able to give you an idea on this website.

Mobile Gallery Package - from $500.00

Time Allotted For Project

We dedicate a total of 15 hours of design & development hours to this package.

Start Up Consultation

This is a phone consultation of no more than 30 minutes so we can answer any questions you may have. In addition, we will ask a few questions to gage the direction of your project and to inform of the minimum requirements of your request. We will also advise you of some of the features I recommend and why we recommend them.

Planning & Research

Our planning and research phase includes doing a google search of your industry to get an idea of what others are doing. In addition, we will make notes of the common features, colors, etc. to determine the best way to proceed with your project.

Mobile Layout

All of our layouts are mobile friendly which allows your project to adjust to any device your visitors are using.

We view it for accuracy on a desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone.

Content Pages

Up To 10 Pages of your content. Popular pages are: Home, about us, services, contact, support, etc.

Image Galleries

We offer up to 10 different image gallery styles or showcase your images. This package includes up to 50 images to used in an attracitive image gallery. Samples are available on this website.

  1. 51-100 images..... $45.00
  2. Over 100 images..... $call

Contact Form

We will create a professional interactive form and install it on a separate secure server so that your visitors can communicate with you.

Email Integration

We will setup an email forward to your current email address. In addition, we will create a separate business related email address for your web use.

Social Media Integration

At the very least, we will add your social media links to your project. When necessary, we will create a new social media account especially for this project.

Press Release

A 400 word Search Engine Optimized press release created to announce new project.

Optimized Graphics

Graphics are the elements that make your project attractive. Most people have no idea how to make those images useful for the web. We will take your existing photos and optimize them for the web, adjusting them to make them load as fast as possible.

Access To Our Graphics Library

We'll give you up to 20 images from our online library.

Text Logo

If you do not have a personal or business logo, we can create a nice attractive text logo for you. Samples are available on this website.

Shared Hosting

Take charge with industry-standard cPanel or Parallels® Plesk control panels, free 24/7 phone or online support and 99.9% uptime* and money-back guarantees*. With our award-winning data center, you’ll know your site is always up and running.

Local & Remote Server Backups

All hosting companies back up their servers nightly(remote).

We go one step further and back up and archive your project in the cloud as well as an old fashioned method of DVD disks(local).

30 Days Of Maintenance

We give you the 1st 30 days of maintenance at no additional charge, this 30 days will determine you "real time" needs.

CD/DVD Copy Of Project

Upon completion, and to protect your investment, we'll send you a hard copy of your project at no additional charge. Additional copies can be obtained for an additional fee.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards through Paypal.




Additional Domain Names

We usually register the .com version for your company. To add a layer of protection, most people also register at the least the .net version.

  1. Domain Name Registration from $15.00/year or less

Additional Pages

We will add the necessary pages to fit your content. Popular pages are: Home, about us, services, contact, support, etc.

  1. Additional Basic Web Page = $45.00
  2. Additional Custom Web Page..from... $60.00

Payment Page

We will program a special payment page for you to accept payments through paypal. This includes a thank you and failed process page.

  1. Basic Paypal Payment Page For 1 Item/service = $75.00
  2. Custom Calculating Payment Page = $125.00

Word Press Blog

We will install and customize a basic wordpress blog and integrate this into your current project.

  1. Basic WordPress Blog (with 30 minute training) = $180.00
  2. Deluxe WordPress Blog (with 30 minute training) = $300.00

PDF Files

We will create or modify a PDF file. In addition, we can extract info from an existing PDF file.

  1. Creating A PDF File From Document...each file...From $30.00
  2. Convert Files To PDF..each file = $20.00
  3. Extracting Content From PDF File...From $20.00

Audio Files

We will create. modify or convert an audio file. In addition, we can take your current audio file and create a basic video using your logo for use on youtube.

  1. Convert Audio Files..each file = $30.00
  2. Basic Audio Creation = $60.00

Custom Logo

If you want something more custom, we can either create a nice logo or have one of our my partners create something for you. Samples are available on this website.

  1. Basic Logo..from... $75.00
  2. Deluxe Logo..from... $150.00

Background Videos

The advantage of adding background video to your webpages is that it does much more than just tell people about what you have to offer. Samples are available on this website.

  1. Adding Background Video..from your source = $65.00
  2. Adding Background Video..from our source = $95.00
  3. Basic Video Creation = $250.00
  4. Convert Video Files..each file = $30.00

Custom Forms

We will create custom professional interactive forms and install it on a separate secure server so that your visitors can communicate with you. Samples are available on this website.

  1. Basic Interactive from... $45.00
  2. Deluxe Interactive from... $75.00
  3. Custom Interactive ... $60.00/hr.

Business Class Emails

We will purchase and setup business class emails with unlimited storage space to be associated with your website. We will then forward this business account to your current email address.

Site Monitoring

Hosting With Site Monitoring: You can also add our monitoring services from our company where your account is fully managed by our team. Rates start at just $30.00 a month.

Site Maintenance

Websites that stay fresh and are constantly updated are proven to increase traffic, boost sales and leads and strengthen brand authority. Let us maintain your website so you can focus on running your business. Rates start at just $50.00 a month.

Site Marketing

We provide local and/or national marketing campaigns, email marketing and directory listing. We have a 90% success rate at getting and keeping your website on the 1st and/or 2nd page of the major search engines. Details here, sample results available.

Basic Digital (SSL) Certificate

A SSL certificate was once only purchased if you were going to do secured transaction on your website.

However, google will start requiring all websites to have a SSL certificate installed before they consider adding your project to their directory.

We install a basic SSL certificate to your project.



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